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Virtual Reality – Take Your Music Experience to Next Level

Virtual Reality – Take Your Music Experience to Next Level


November 22nd, 2015


Have you ever asked someone why do they go to the music festivals? Now, we ask you. Why do you go? Is it because of the incredible ‘experience’? Most likely. The lights, sounds and overall atmosphere of music festivals make up everything that bring you a total euphoric experience.

Technology is constantly developing, and soon you may be able to feel those experiences through Virtual Reality.

We present you a video series, named “The Future Of Virtual Reality.” The series were created by the folks at Unreal. DJ/Producer Morgan Page believes that Virtual Reality will become the new music experience.


The video also shows the lyrics of Morgan Page’s track “In The Air” flying at you through a 3D space environment. Other sources mention the possibility of 360 degree cameras being installed in venues and festivals. Instead of live streaming on your computer, you would be able to use VR to feel like you are inside the crowd. You would even be able to turn your head to see what’s happening around you.

Now, don’t expect this to create a huge number of people sitting at home, never going out. This idea is presented so that fans, who are unable to attend festivals, have the ability to at least experience a part of what festival atendees do.