Moby Opens a Restaurant in LA

Moby Opens a Restaurant in LA


November 25th, 2015


Music stars are usually multi-talented and always glad to show their talent to the rest of the world. Sometimes, they start acting, too. But, this music star decided to do something not related to music, or showbusiness.

Music mogul Moby (Richard Melvill Hall) opened a new vegan restaurant in Los Angeles, called Little Pine. After he had mastered the art of fusing post-punk rock with EDM production, winning Grammy’s and selling more than 20 million albums worldwide, this acclaimed DJ decided to channel his creative energy towards something new – his restaurant.

The restaurant opened in an art deco building on Rowena Avenue in Silver Lake. The guests may enjoy the delicious dishes from a Mediterranean-inspired menu every day from 7:30 AM to midnight.

The name of the restaurant is rather unusual. Check out what Moby had to say about it:

“I like pine trees and I’m not very big.” When Moby moved to LA he “thought LA was all palm trees and plastic surgery disasters.” Obviously, that’s not the case; as Moby asserts “there’s this whole other side to LA which is like pine trees and state parks and so I guess the name also sort of references that.”

Little Pine Restaurant