May I Introduce

May I Introduce: ON CUE APPAREL

May I Introduce: ON CUE APPAREL

Kostya V.

July 25th, 2014



LOCATION: Miami, Florida
OWNER/FOUNDER: Jose Renteria
LINKS:Website Facebook Twitter


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SFRA: When did you guys come up with the idea of starting the On Cue Apparel clothing brand?
On Cue Apparel: I have been raised in Miami since I was 7 years old and Ultra Music Festival has always been the yearly go-to event. One day, while reading the story of Russell Faibisch (Ultra’s owner), I decided that I wanted to do something in the EDM industry and thought that as I loved wearing graphic t-shirts, why not give it a shot? Luckily a lot of people have loved what we have created.

SFRA: How did you discover a need for this type of product in the marketplace?
On Cue Apparel: We were actually so eager to start the brand and do something that we didn’t do any market research whatsoever. We went ahead under the assumption that EDM is growing at such a rapid pace that we should not have any problems.

SFRA: Who has influenced you over the years and where do you find inspiration today?
On Cue Apparel: Many people have influenced me over the years, but the most influential have been my family and friends, as without their constant support On Cue Apparel would not be the brand it is today. Our inspiration comes from experiences and late-night conversations.

SFRA: Do you have any idea how your brand will evolve next? How do you plan to alter your marketing strategy to meet these changes?
On Cue Apparel: We definitely know how our brand is going to evolve. We have a couple of AWESOME surprises over the next 2-3 months, but we cannot disclose them at the moment. All we can say is that we have been working hard on new designs and expanding our collection.

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SFRA: What’s been the most successful marketing outlet for On Cue Apparel?
On Cue Apparel: Our most successful marketing outlet has definitely been Instagram; it’s really easy to connect with your fans and answer questions.

SFRA: Tell me about the name.
On Cue Apparel: About 4 years ago my friend was teaching me how to DJ because I wanted to be so original (JK!) and my friend would always say you got to mix the song On Cue. I decided to drop my dreams of becoming a DJ when I realized that I couldn’t mix two songs to save my life. Fast forward to 2013 and On Cue Apparel was born.

SFRA: Who would you love to see wear the brand?
On Cue Apparel: I would love to see Carnage wear one of our shirts – I must admit, his trap drops certainly do make everyone’s heads shake. It would also be amazing if the head honcho Tiesto would perform in one of our t-shirts!

On Cue Apparel

SFRA: Does the label have a set team of graphic designers, models and photographers, or do these roles change based on the current needs or aims of the label?
On Cue Apparel: We outsource our friends to help us design, model, and market our products. Occasionally we have hired professionals, but it all depends on the type of project.

SFRA: When it comes to building a powerful brand, what elements do you consider to be crucial?
On Cue Apparel: The most powerful element to building a brand is building a connection with your fans. A happy customer will tell their friends, repost, and be loyal to you.

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