Marquee Las Vegas – Meet the Nightclub (& Dayclub) that are raising the bar in Las Vegas

Marquee Las Vegas – Meet the Nightclub (& Dayclub) that are raising the bar in Las Vegas

Kostya V.

March 19th, 2015


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Nightclub & Dayclub – the two simple words put right beneath the Marquee logo are best fitted to describe the club in brief. Whatever your initial feelings, rest assured that that is not all, and you can assume why. The Nightclub, which proudly and truly claims to be raising the bar in Las Vegas (the undisputed sin city of the world), and which is equipped with many badass sources of highly entertaining nightlife. Eventually you will realize that two words can’t describe it all.

Simply put, Marquee is located in the great Cosmopolitan, situated at 3708 S. Las Vegas Blvd. (Still a one-sentence line which you are perhaps struggling to comprehend.) To go deeper, as you may know already, the Cosmopolitan itself is a prestigious spot in LV, and understandably magical, with its puzzling little spaces here and there. For example, it has a cute little space that leads to a tasteful pizzeria, whereas another leads to The Nightclub we are bragging about here. Couldn’t find it before? Just look at the big line on the second floor, and you will know that you have finally found it.

Right! The second floor of the Cosmopolitan, which holds the gateway to the gigantic 60,000 square foot nightclub Marquee, complemented with a rooftop courtyard and an ultra-pool club. Most of those spaces are used by the main club room – a classically decorated club, differentiated nicely with its New York and Sydney branches, with the help of the showroom appeal and its Vegas specific, sinful attributes.

Like many of the Las Vegas lounges, the Marquee is treated with the ambience of different shades of red and blue. It also has the mandatory DJ space covered with a floor-to-wall LED screen. The seats are comfortable for you (and however many partners). The Marquee also offers seat service and bottle service. It all seems all too common, eh? Trust me, it is not. In Marquee, all these ‘common’ Las Vegas features combine in perfect harmony to give you one hell of a sleepless night. Dancing under the disco ball with the relentless beats played by the mind-blowing residential DJs, such as Lema, Tina T, Lisa Pittman and M!ke Attack, just feels different, in a transcendent way. Just get in, and you probably would want to stay there for the whole night… as in forever.


That’s just the main room, and Marquee isn’t the one-trick pony that tries to convince you with only one offer on the table. The marquee is much more than that. Along with the main room, the Marquee features The Library – a VIP hideaway (if you didn’t know what that was). The library is a cozy and warm place, decorated with sexy chairs. It is not what you would call a relaxing spot, but it does provide an escape from the loud music if you would like to take a rest. It is also a nice place to have a pleasant little chit-chat with your partner for the night.


No, no, the specialty of this club doesn’t end there; it also features the Boombox – an intimate space surrounding the dance floor. In the Boombox, you can enjoy the music of your choice, say… hip hop, along with house music. The Boombox is equipped with a 360-degree bar and VIP tables. Some of the tables even have a view of the famous Las Vegas Boulevard at night, that provide a renewed energy (just in case the night seems to be getting a bit long). Can’t afford the VIP tables? Don’t worry, as the Marquee has kept you in their mind. The Nightclub has a wide enough balcony to provide the space for a quick smoke, and somewhat ironically, fresh air, which blows from the overlooking Harmon Avenue.


Okay… so what about The Dayclub that the Marquee boast about in their tag? The exclusive adult oasis is there on the poolside; it’s so close to The Nightclub, in fact, that it turns into an extension in season, which operates mainly in the summer. The Dayclub offers a stunning beach club scene, complemented with its eight Grand Cabanas. The cabanas are truly grand, with each of them featuring its own private spa, infinity plunge pool, and some of the most popular DJs.

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There are all sorts of nightclubs in Las Vegas – most of them with a specialty in one or two areas, often struggling to provide a full nightlife experience. The Marquee isn’t one of those ‘majority’ nightclubs. It’s unique in the ways in which it does things, and it has everything in place to keep you engaged for the night. So hurry up wearing your upscale or trendy attire, and get some money in your pockets. Trust me. you won’t regret it.