Lady Casa is The Queen of EDM and Rave

Lady Casa is The Queen of EDM and Rave

Kostya V.

September 19th, 2014


The rave scene and EDM was originally the venue of a tight-knit and like-minded groups who got together to dance in an almost enhanced state of consciousness. Raves were originally magical events where anyone could dance to electronic music for hours. Laser lights, fashion and open attitudes built the scene.

A sub-culture of EDM is PLUR and Lady Casa and her PLUR Warriors. She attends megaraves and flaunts her stuff to the delight of festival goers. She does bring people to the events. People just want to watch her dance to the gut-thumping music and be a part of her life, if only for a moment or two.

Lady Casa is the spiritual guide to young people who thrive in the electronic dance community. Casa was inspired by the rave culture and aboriginal native prophecy. She believes that this message can best be passed on at EDM festivals, through her apparel line and via social media networks. Her PLUR (peace, love, unity, and respect) mantra has been recognized for a long time as the ravers’ chant and is a common symbol at EDM arenas.

Lady Casa, long a fan of electronic dance music, brings her style to EDM festivals and promotes PLUR. Fans mob around Lady Casa just to see, touch or even hug her. The DJs she loves; they also love.

Lady Casa

Electronic dance music came into Lady Casa’s life during middle school. She attended the Ultra Music Festival at the age of 13 and has not missed one Ultra event since then. Now, Lady Casa spends her time dancing, passing out boatloads of colorful plastic beads known as kandi and preaching the message of PLUR.

Lady Casa has danced since she was seven years old and living among the wealthy of Key Biscayne. Her dancing talent eventually led her to perform at raves and EDM clubs, and nearly naked on platforms at South Beach’s megaclub Mansion.

Her jump from dancer to EDM icon came about in 2012 when she attended a Miami EDM show featuring DJ Kaskade. DJ Kaskade posted a picture of her on his Instagram account wearing nothing but body paint. “This girl just 1up’d EVERYONE!” Over 14,000 likes gave Lady Casa over 75,000 followers on Instagram’s social media platform. Instagram is where she urges her followers to come to EDM events and raves and be a part of PLUR.

Lady Casa in her Miami accent says, “That was really the catalyst to make me into being the ionic figure that I’ve become in the EDM community, and from that point on I took the role of raver more seriously.” Lady Casa claims that her fans include younger as well as older and more mature generations.


Lady Casa takes her show to electronic dance music festivals across the country where her fans crowd around her listening to her wisdom that comes from the spiritual and self-help kingdoms. She is such an EDM icon that fans of every age, type and size cuddle up to her. She flitted among the fans at Coachella earlier this year, and prides herself on her easy going and inclusive style.

She grew up rich, but after her parent’s divorced her family’s finances plummeted. Her mother came out as gay and Lady Casa was ostracized. She lost all her friends and this drove her to underground dance parties. Here she became infused with rave and everything EDM. Her mantra was “inclusion” and her brand includes tons of plastic beaded bracelets or Kandi.

Raves and EDM events are coming under close study, and Lady Casa is subjected to this same scrutiny. Kandi is banned as some festival and events due to its drug associations. Events goers donning Native American gear has caused angst among the tribes. Electronic music festivals have seen several deaths in recent years and many of these deaths were drug related.

Lady Casa has vowed to take the public relationship nightmare for EDM and turn things around. Her organization, PLUR Warriors, are a part of a PR operation and community outreach program that seeks to educate skeptics about EDM and what ravers are all about. She wants to be a force for positivity. Right now EDM and raves have the reputation of being a place where crazy kids go to get high and cause mayhem. Lady Casa is trying to turn that reputation into one of peace and love.

When Lady Casa traveled to L.A. to dance and listen to EDM DJ Armin van Buuren, she created a mob scene of fans who just wanted to be around her and listen to her wisdom. Only 26 years old, pretty as hell and very blond, Lady Casa uses her influence to bring peace and love to the crowd. Her signature look, go-go boots, pasties, bracelets, a thong and a huge Native American headdress, can be seen as tattoos on several of her fans.

In an interview in August 2014, [highlight2]Lady Casa revealed that she attends one event a month ranging from local shows to massive festivals like Ultra and EDC. She loves Electric Forest where she can vibe to the music and immerse herself in the environment. Casa has a top five DJ list in EDM land. She loves Armin Van Buuren, Karkade, Bassnectar, Krewella, and Above & Beyond. She adores these DJs for their inspiration and progressive trance. “I am a fan of theirs because they are all humble by connecting with their – fans – humility is something I look up to.”

Lady Casa From Future

Lady Casa goes to electronic dance music events and raves to be herself – colorful, wild, and spiritual and drug free. It is her message that you don’t need drugs to get high. The music, visuals, crowds and lights are stimulating enough without adding dangers uncontrolled substances. It is her goal to point out the consequences and risks but leave the decisions to the individual. With her charisma and spiritual talents this bit of advice to ravers and EDM goers might just be the catalyst that takes away the stigma of EDM festivals being all about crazy drugs.