LA County Decides to Keep the Festivals Going

LA County Decides to Keep the Festivals Going


December 14th, 2015


HARD Summer Musical Festival did not go as planned. Sadly, two teenagers that attended the festival died. Following these unfortunate events, Los Angeles County started proposing new laws and regulations regarding the dance music community in LA. After months of investigation, the Los Angeles’ County Electronic Music Task Force has finally decided to keep dance music festivals alive on public property.

The final decision was made on December 3rd, but the final recommendation to the county will be given later this month.

“When they get it on their agenda, and what they do with it, that’s out of my control at that point,” said Wesley Ford from the Task Force.

However, The Task Force did recommend to increase drug sniffing dogs and DUI checkpoints, minimum age of 18, more access to water, amnesty boxes and the distribution of educational materials regarding substance use.