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Dillon Francis and Alesso Will Work Together

Dillon Francis and Alesso Will Work Together


November 22nd, 2015


When two DJ’s known for their hard hitting festival sets decide to come together and produce something, all we know is that the results are going to be amazing. Finally, Dillon Francis and Alesso have confirmed that they are going to work together some time soon.

How did all of this start? Well, it is a pretty funny story.

It all started when Dillon posted a screen shot of a text thread between himself and Alesso. Dillon joked that they only had one hour to work after Alesso confirmed “I’m booking 5-6pm”, aka around that time.

Both of these DJs have such distinct styles and there is no doubt they will create some magic in the studio. We believe it will be something EDM fans have never heard before!

Are you excited? All we know is that we can’t wait to hear some more news. Stay tuned!