BOO! Event Review

BOO! Event Review

Kostya V.

November 20th, 2015


Insomniac Events just upped its Halloween game in what might be the spookiest rave event in the Bay Area.  On Halloween weekend, San Francisco welcomed its very first BOO! Event, which first debuted in NYC just one year before.  Despite its recency, BOO! made a fantastic first impression, expanding the previously one-day event to a two-day event, with a fresh set of headliners for the west coast. Naturally, attendance was a must.

Friday: Flosstradamus, Oliver Heldens, Alison Wonderland, Ghastly, Shaun Frank, Dr. Fresch, Panic City

Saturday: Seven Lions, Nicky Romero, Will Sparks, Snails, Kennedy Jones, 4B, Dallask, Shmitty

For most who attended, the stage was a major highlight, throwing viewers into a whirlpool of sensory experience. The stage area blew away other events that took place in the bay that weekend—a standard to be expected from ‘go big or go home’ Insomniac Events. Entering the auditorium, I was immediately enveloped by the heartbeat of bass, the crisp melody of the first sets, and the anticipation of the growing crowd. Scowling down from above, a massive skeleton head glowered—lit by the dazzle of technicolored light. The intricacy of visual patterns spiraled and expanded over multiple sets of screens positioned below and on either side of the skull to maximize the viewing experience.

The diversity of the lineup sparked interest for many of those who attended; there was something for everybody at BOO!. It was interesting to see how the sets picked up in energy gradually, and the second night ended with intensity. I personally came for Seven Lions and his unorthodox sound that sends listeners on a rollercoaster of energy, which is exactly what I got at the end of day two. Nicky Romero’s set was definitely something to note—a seismic experience of sound and visuals that sent listeners into the atmosphere (literally—the visuals were reminiscent of exploding nebulas).

But for many of the fans, BOO! provided other opportunities for talent as well. There were a variety of other activities going on around me: expert shufflers, glowsticking, even a group of people who helped other ravers stretch to prevent “raver’s back” (try standing for five hours straight without your back hurting!) This was a direct reminder that raves are not only for the purpose of creating a single connection from DJ to viewers, but for creating a fabric of connections and an opportunity for community. My friend Alex reminded me at the conclusion of the event:

 “[A] rave not only showcases the music, but people who want to express themselves through costumes and kandi. Raving is a form of self-expression, freedom, and individuality that is especially unique.”

The only caution for this event was the lack of water stations available for attendees. Long lines formed around water fountains as ravers waited to fill their hydration packs.

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