Thanksgiving EDM

Thanksgiving EDM

Kostya V.

November 23rd, 2014


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Give thanks this holiday weekend 2014 with Electronic Dance Music events in California. Starting on the day before Thanksgiving and carrying on until the 30th of November, California will be raving with events from Southern California to San Francisco.

Start on November 26th with White Panda opening in San Francisco. White Panda started when two old friends discovered they both were working on mashup careers. Tom Evans (Prorast) blended Rick Astley music with 2 Live Crew in Chicago to start his career. DJ Griffi (Dan Griffith) started his career in Los Angeles. They crashed together in 2009 with a collaborative single that hit #1 in only two days.

Mystic, Connecticut is the home of Audien, Nate Rathbun. Here he lived in a small hometown apartment and started creating music. Audien began with a secret blend of plug-ins and a very basic setup. He worked diligently and by age 17, he began to send out unsolicited music to producers, bloggers and labels. Now Audien is a phenomenal producer who headlines in major cities. Drive to San Francisco on November 26th just to take part of Audien’s music.

Playing in Las Angeles on November 26th, Arty’s Thanksgiving special brings harmonious music work of art to an audience of fans and music authorities. EDM fans call Arty the future of dance music. He progressed from a simple producer and at 23 is still working on his craft. Listen to Arty in LA and become one of his major fans.

Move along the coast to Costa Mesa, California on the 29th of November and listen to Morgan Page. He brings many years of music creation to Sutra. Morgan Page is highly versatile and knows he must deliver anywhere and anyplace. He shares quality music with his fans, and his goal is to offer entertainment evolving with trends. Morgan is an artist, songwriter, radio show presenter and DJ. His shows are magic. His event is open to those who are 21 and older.

Love EDM performers from across the Pond? Create Nightclub in Los Angeles, California is presenting ECTWINS from Manchester, England on the 26th. This pre-Thanksgiving act features two brothers who started their careers in Edinburgh, Scotland when they were only 16. They now run the Manchester’s most successful nightclub: Eye Candy. They bring their expertise to give you a magical evening. Just seeing Marc and Allister Blackham will give you an energetic push.

Stay awhile and hang out in LA to hear Andy C DJing it up at the Exchange on the 27th of November. Andy C is constantly looking for new ways to play his music. You will have a unique experience when you listen to Andy C live. His record label, Ram Records, always knows how to sign-up upcoming artists. His success as a festival main stage headliner and DJ guarantees you an unforgettable Thanksgiving.

Hang out at the Exchange on November 28th to listen to Rebecca & Fiona. Insomniac presents Awakening. Rebecca & Fiona met through mutual friends in their hometown of Stockholm. They connected over music, friendship and life. They were experienced in the Swedish DJ scene and promoted club night around Stockholm. They eventually transformed and began creating music of their own. This is a quick-rising duo so be on the ground floor of their success.

Los Angeles is the place to be on the 28th. Create Nightclub presents Manufactured Superstars, one of the most electrifying acts in EDM. Radley Roulier and Shawn Sabo present unique mashups that have earned them success in the business.

Stay over in LA for a night at the Exchange with Joseph Capriati. Presented by Insomniac Joseph Capriati is recognized as a principal in techno. He is an in-demand talent that includes natural charm highlighted with enthusiasm for entertaining.

Travel up the coast to beautiful San Francisco, stop in at Vessel SF and listen to Super8 & Tab from ‘Finland. They have stayed true to their trance roots but are pushing at the edge. The have a distinctly new approach to experimental productions. Janne Mansnerus and Miika Eloranta have been No. 1 since 2005.

Want to rave to an awesome act in Sebastopol, California? At the Hop Monk, you can listen or dance to Mind Machine Tour: Minnesota + GJones + Jackal Minnesota. This is one of the most unique electronic producers to play on the West Coast. Stick with dubstep and hip-hop, but find the other sub-genres of EDM throughout this music.

The last day of November will be memorable in San Francisco with DJ Kaos from Berlin, Germany. DJ Kaos is also a member of Ghost Cauldron, and his first single was a collaboration with Ash Ra Tempel. He has performed around the world and produced with Eskimo, Kitsune, and Playhouse. This show will be exclusive as DJ Kaos plays his eclectic mix with talents from Sal Principiato.

Electronic Dance Music is the new rock. There are hundreds of entertainment venues all over the country displaying and featuring EDM DJs. This Thanksgiving weekend you will have no shortage of entertainment. Just visit sunny California and enjoy the rave music, weather, and EDM.