The Sound of Dance: Venues of Electronic Dance Music

The Sound of Dance: Venues of Electronic Dance Music

Kostya V.

September 9th, 2014


Every event venue tries to outdo the other. The result, when attendees walk into events stage productions fire up imaginations, emotions and anticipation. Typically you see a sea of lasers, black and white or highly colored, out of this world outfits and colorful Kandi. Raw beats belt out from the high-tech speakers and the bass drives deep into your soul. You can’t help but move your body in time with the beats. Fist pumps, arms held high into the sky, and trans-like dance moves begin to ignite the crowd.


Where can you find this awesome awakening? At events held around the world featuring old and new friends who have produced the most amazing mixes and electronic sounds.

  • Torino, Italy the Kappa FuturFestival. One of Italy’s biggest summer festivals this venue introduces some of the hottest electronic dance music. This year the festival was held for two days with a huge lineup. The Bloody Beetroots Live and Disclosure are just some of the headliners.

  • Kappa FutuFestival promotes employment opportunities and tourism in the Torino area. The economic impact of the second edition of this festival is estimated to be work about one million euros. Over 400 people are employed to set up and run the festival, and there are 500 promoted overnight stays in specific hotels. Think of the food consumed by 25,000 people. What a huge stimulation to the economy.

  • Tomorrowland sells out in under an hour that brings MTV into film and broadcast. There are hundreds of acts listed on Tomorrowland venues, and you will see and hear Carl Cox & Friends, Dance, Mad Decent, Paradise, Legends of Trance and so many more. Two weekends of hundreds of EDM producers, DJs and performers light up the stage. Laser lights, Kandi trading and loving, plus deep bass and mixes that move your feet. Watch EDM Dance Magazine’s issues throughout the fall and winter to find the bet selections for the July festivals.

  • Life in Color sold out over 100 shows in 2013 and expanded its 2014 international venues to over 20 new countries. Countries range from Australia to South Korea. Follow this show from Sacramento, California all the way to Seoul, South Korea, Salinas Country Golf Club in Salinas Ecuador, Go Kart Circuit, Sepang International Circuit, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Sidney Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne, Australia.

  • This year’s show featured a paint fight erupting in the middle of the stage acts and the anthem Unleash from David Solano, and Adventure Club featured vocalist Zak Waters, who co-wrote Madeon’s The City. Neon paint is the draw, and nothing is better than totally covering yourself and your friends in the night-lighting shades of electric green, smacking pink, or just about every hue in the neon color scheme.

  • Mark your calendars to attend venues in Yost, Orange County, California or Whisky Bar, Portland Oregon or even venues in Grand Prairie Alberta, Canada to see another Antipodean superstar, Joel Fletcher. Fletcher is only 21 and his single Swing, released early in 2014, reached the Triple Platinum sales milestone in his country of Australia. (Joel is best known for his 2013 remix of New Zealand rapper Savage’s 2005 single Swing.) Listen to Melbourne Bounce, a new sound in the progressive-electro house. Melbourne Bounce uses huge bass lines, heavy filters and hard hitting rhythm sections. Dance floors fill up with fans, newbies and headlining DJs and producers. TJR, Deorro and Dutch producer Laidback Luke endorse the sound on it’s on its way to becoming and global energy.

Spectacular fall happenings for EDM are a bit different than spring and summer’s events. TomorrowWorld has a second round of artists ready to perform at their festival on September 26 thought the 28th outside Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A. Headliners include A-Trak, Carnage, Datsik, Dillon Francis and Ferry Corsten. TomorrowWorld is the U.S. form of Belgium’s Tomorrowland produced by SFX Entertainments. Last year’s event drew more than 300 DJs and over 46,000 attendees. The festival lands on 8,000 acres of farmland near Fairborn, Georgia. This year’s festival guarantees to outdo 2013.
Sign up and get your tickets to Insomniac Events Halloween-themed festival. You still have time to attend the Escape All Hallows’ Eve on Friday October 31 and Saturday November in Southern California. The weather will be out of this world, and there will be the famous haunted maze, themed performers and many other awesome surprises. There is nothing else in the EDM venue that is quite like Escape All Hallows’ Eve.

Life in Color

Best EDM Cities
EDM festivals are awesome, but there is more to electronic dance music than huge spaces, many stages and overwhelming light shows. Clubs in international cities have tremendous lineups of resident DJs that will get you dancing. Dance music is global and where ever you go you will have the time of your life. Think outside the box of your local hangouts and checkout club scenes around the world. Every continent, except Antarctica, has the best dances places to be at midnight.

  • New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S. has some of the best music ever. Mardi Graz, jazz festivals, the only open container law in America and the home of bounce. DJ music is always available, and the dance never stops.

  • In 1991 Australia first techno show flamed in Melbourne. Dance parties are common, and the real EDM heads have made Melbourne the city for electronic dance music.

  • Tel Aviv, Israel might not seem like a party–town but is one of the most progressive cities in the Middle East. Home to a huge dance music acts like Infected Mushroom and Guy Gerber, Tel Aviv is a place for club music and electronic dance parties.

– Montreal, Canada is unlimited for its vibrant electronic dance music scene. Kaytranada and Lunice keep the beats deep and fresh. Montreal’s annual outdoor event Igloofest sounds cold, but the sweat you work up dancing to electronic music will keep you warm through the festival.

So many choices from outdoor summer and spring events, to fall festivals to the club scene. You will find EDM wherever you go. Fans rejoice!