EDM Channels

EDM Channels

Kostya V.

September 8th, 2014


Electronic dance music (or EDM) is electronic music primarily produced for dancing and listening in nightclubs and festivals, for purchase on digital and physical media, and, more recently, for use in online radio stations and podcasts. It is typified by drum beats and bass, although the composition of EDM is vast and dependent on genre. There are over 39 radio stations that present exclusively electronic dance music.
Music Choice’s Dance/EDM channel brings in 1.4 million listeners every week. It is available on over 60 million radio players. During the month of September, you can listen to Paul Oakenfold, one of the headliners in the DJ Residency program.
Paul features many artists every week in his set, including: David Guetta, Tiësto, Zedd, and many more headliners. There will also be stories and conversations about music trivia relating to EDM. Paul has been a part of electronic dance music for over 25 years. Paul Oakenfold is considered a pioneer and legend within his craft; a producer and DJ who is experienced in a wide array of electronic music genres. His diversity is arguably unparalleled. Awards and accolades have come from critics and fans with respect to his groundbreaking studio work on records and remixes, as well as for his revolutionary work in numerous Hollywood films. He has garnered three Grammy nominations and sold millions of albums. Everything Paul does turns to gold. ‘Trance Mission’, his most recent album, is featured in a world tour. He also has new cover versions of his favorite trance mixes.
The DJ Residency Program started in March of 2014, and has also featured the following DJs: Vice, Mako, Gareth Emery, and Audien. More DJs will be announced throughout the year. You can listen to your favorites on ‘Music Choice’, the multi-platform music network, bringing programming to consumers worldwide via the internet, and through mobile devices and television. There are dozens of uninterrupted music channels that play EDM 24/7.
Real Dance Radio advertises itself as an Internet Dance Radio Station, and was developed only for dance music. Launched in 2001, Real Dance Radio has been broadcasting over the internet with only one goal: to give listeners access to the best cuts of EDM from around the world. Real Dance Radio creates themes for the listener, and on Friday nights the lineup is huge. It regularly features major DJs (like Zedd and Ferry Corsten). We are very discriminating when picking DJs; you will love the quality. Real Dance Radio features its own dedicated streaming service and original content, and we are listed on the most popular internet radio directories. Users from hundreds of countries log in to our website to listen to our radio programs and watch for our dedicated DJs, who provide weekly and monthly mixes. Real Dance Radio has been on the air for over eleven years.
Kiss 95.1 plays some of the most awesome electronic dance music tracks around. You can listen to them all year round, whenever you feel like tuning in. Ultra Music Festival, TomorrowWorld, and other EDM concerts can be streamed to you through your radio. If you’d like to keep in touch with all of the music that the radio stations are broadcasting, you can look at EDM magazines and websites. features an internet radio station which contains deep, soulful house music, with DJs mixing and producing EDM live in the studio. Pressure Radio broadcasts 24/7, with deep house, soulful house, and Nu Jazz, plus special feature artists showing their unique skills in mixing and producing.
• [headline]Ministry of Sound Radio’s ‘House of Groove’[/headline] features Johnathan Joseph (AKA DJ Spoony), who provides house music from all over the globe. The entire house music spectrum includes everything from soulful sounds, to deep, to minimal. Follow the radio station for your chance to dance to the sounds of Luis Vega, Alex Arnout, Richie Fargas, Black Coffee, and Studio Apartment. You can also listen to guest mixes featuring DJs from all over the world.
538 Dance Department is the best electronic music show in the Netherlands. Host Dennis Ruyer brings you all of the best and hottest tracks, and showcases the DJs that are trending. You can also listen to this station on a weekly podcast.
EDM Jam Radio is a platform for international electronic dance music mixes. DJs are invited to develop collaborative opportunities within the EDM movement. These mixes are featured on Jam Radio 24/7.
Deep FM—We are Dance! Deep FM is the premier EDM radio station with 24/7 broadcasting. Right now, it is the newest and best station to listen to house, trance, and electro. This station does not care for awards or accolades—they just want the love of their listeners. A station since 2004, they have a legion of fans that are beyond compare.
• Your dance connection is Pineal Tunes Radio, which is on the air 24/7 days a week. Everything you love about dance, electro, or dub is on the list. This is your pure EDM hook up . Listen to Pineal Tunes Radio and you may not want to move your radio dial or internet station to anything else ever again.
iHeartRadio is popular because it is a free, all-in-one digital radio service that lets you listen to your favorite live stations, or create commercial-free, musically diverse, custom stations, featuring songs from the artist you select, including their entire catalogue. Try out iHeartRadio by logging in and making the station yours. Create, share, and save your EDM stations, and listen to music that plays to the rhythm of your soul and to the beat of your heart.
Bringing together the best EDM radio stations worldwide gives listeners a variety of radio stations to follow. There are many more stations that deserve a place in the spotlight. If you have a station you want to submit, please go to the website, fill out the forms, and stay connected. Your contribution directly contributes to the strength of EDM radio stations.