Diffraction Glasses

Diffraction Glasses

Kostya V.

September 9th, 2015


As they say, curiosity is the mother of all inventions. To start off with, diffraction is a process in which a beam of light gets spread when it passes through a narrow aperture or an edge or grating. However, diffraction has a history of 300 years old, courtesy to Sir Issac Newton and today we have many kinds of diffraction lenses that are used in various kinds of glasses. The diffraction glasses were invented in a wake to teach the school kids the concept of diffraction and were sold as teaching tools. But gradually, the rave party frequenters got hold of these and changed the view of our world for the better and there has been no looking back ever since Also, the diffraction glasses are very different from kaleidoscope glasses. At present be it the kaleidoscope glasses or be it the diffraction glasses, these are the lifeline of every crazy part experience one can ever have.

Diffraction Glasses: The Original Prism Rave Sunglasses from Rainbow OPTX

The Original Prism Rave Sunglasses from Rainbow OPTX

These Prism Rave Sunglasses come in black matte finish with clear lens colors. The super intense diffraction grating lenses along with the best quality durable plastic frames that have the uber cool Rainbow OPTX logo on the black matte, makes these diffraction glasses one of a kind and among the top selling rave glasses. Are you tired of the all the dorky looking cheap knockoffs? Then this Original Prism Rave Sunglasses from Rainbow OPTX is the pair made for you. They are one of the highest quality diffraction glasses available and yet are stylish and fashionable. The pair is sans tint and has an amazing light diffraction ability lenses for the awesomely clear view of the surroundings. These glasses come in various color options to fit into the personality of varied kinds of people and enhance your individuality and uniqueness. A must have for concerts, lighting events, music festivals, clubs and almost all kinds of parties for that extra stimulation and visual treat for your eyes. These are also known as refraction glasses, rainbow glasses, rave glasses and the likes. They come in one size that fits everyone.

Emazing Lights Solid Clear Lens Diffraction Prism Fireworks Rave Glasses


This Emazing Lights Solid Clear Lens Diffraction Prism Fireworks Rave Glasses comes in different colored composite frames ranging from white to blue to orange to pink and the likes with clear diffraction colored composite lens 55 mm wide and are non-polarized. These diffraction lenses are a must haves for light shows, club events, music concerts and festivals, fireworks, LED displays including wherever you want them. Are you looking for some amazing boost for your lighting experience and are tired of the innumerable duds and rip offs? Then this is the just the right pair of diffraction glasses for you which amplify any show with their awesome diffraction lenses. These diffraction glasses add some crazy and mind blowing experience to any event ranging from lighting events to laser shows. One can easily see the entire color spectrum in each and every light per second after putting on these diffraction glasses. So, give yourself the rainbow aura all around you with a comfortable feel. These are also known as refraction glasses, rainbow glasses, rave glasses and the likes.

Premium Diffraction Glasses: Neon Colors, High Quality Clear Lens with Glowing Holographic Prism Effects, Rainbow Light Diffraction- Festival and Rave Accessories, Fireworks Glasses


These Premium Diffraction Glasses are designed in the classic Wayfarer style imbibing them with clear lenses that provide maximum diffraction and come in a free micro fiber pouch for protection. These glasses come in a standard size that is a perfect fit for one and all. These are a perfect companion for all the light shows, club events, concerts, music festivals, laser shows, fireworks and parties. These can be worn anywhere to give you an interesting visual mix of your surroundings and keep boredom at bay by looking at any light source to give you explosive diffraction effects. The frames are made out of hard plastic to ensure durability and come in a variety of colors to cater various tastes and choice of the varied individuals who like to leave a unique impression about them. And if your happen to be into raving or EDM, then you should not miss out on these diffraction glasses. These glasses ensure a fun way of mixing an amazing environment with a simple change of glasses for more amazing experiences. The high quality diffraction lenses ensure that they remain clear at all times and don’t fog up. The glowing holographic prism ensures that you always have a splash of colors whenever you have worn this amazing pair of glasses. These are also known as refraction glasses, rave glasses, rainbow glasses and the likes.

Emazing Lights Spiral Clear Lens Diffraction Rave Glasses


If you are looking for an amazing pair of composite diffraction lenses in a composite and non-polarized frame, then Emazing Lights Spiral Clear Lens Diffraction Rave Glasses is the end of your wild geese hunt. These diffraction glasses come in black, white and clear frames with a lens width of 55mm and in a standard size that fits everyone. These glasses would not help you in figuring out your lost way as these are the perfect companion for people who want to get lost. If you are someone who just can’t get enough of the light shows, music concerts and festivals, rave parties, EDM, laser shows and the likes, then just enhance your already crazy party experiences with these amazing pair of diffraction glasses and get lost in the visual effect and the rainbow aura around you in less than a second after putting on a pair of these. The frames are durable with high quality clear lens. These are also known as refraction glasses, rainbow glasses and rave glasses etc.

20 Pairs: Neon Prism Diffraction Fireworks Glasses- For Laser Shows, Raves


This amazing set of 20 diffraction glasses in assorted neon colors seems like a slice of heaven, literally. The bright pink, green, red and yellow neon colors add on to the visual treat that the diffraction lenses ensure. These 20 Pairs Neon Prism Diffraction Fireworks Glasses will make you see a newer perspective of color and light, totally transforming the environment around you the moment you bring these in front of your eyes. These diffraction glasses are also known as refraction glasses, rainbow glasses, rave glasses and the likes. These diffraction glasses will make you see the rainbow without having to endure the rains from every light source that you lay your eyes on with these glasses and you will simply be bowled away and amazed by the color bursts. These diffraction glasses are especially designed to view the fireworks display in bright new colors enhancing their already color enhanced capabilities. But one can also easily use them for parties, music concerts, laser and light shows etc. Once you wear them, your world will never be the same again. These diffraction glasses are totally worth it at the cost effective price that they come at.

Diffraction Glasses: High Quality Effect- Rave Accessories-Black


These Diffraction Glasses for High Quality Effect are made out of black plastic to make them long lasting along with clear and high quality diffraction lenses that do not get fogged up and continue to give you clear visual delights all around you. These diffraction glasses come in a standard size that comfortably fits one and all easily. These diffraction glasses make sure that you see a dancing explosion of colored spectrum with every light wave that you see through them. These diffraction glasses work better at night and provide signature color spectrum bursts when viewed street lights through them. Once you see your world through these diffraction glasses, you would never want to remove them ever. You can also easily wear them in public and look normal because these diffraction glasses look like a regular pair of glasses and none would come to know of your secret rainbow adventure.


By now, you all must have been aware of the charms of the diffraction glasses and are simply awed and overwhelmed by what they can do. However, not many know that the diffraction glasses need proper care to be able to present you the amazing spectrum of light. Be it a light show or music festival or an EDM show or a rave part or any damn party that you attend, each of these events is incomplete without an amazing, comfortable and delicious pair of diffraction glasses as these trippy glasses take your already crazy experience to the next level of craziness. Today, we have so many varieties in diffraction glasses that one is simply spoilt for choice among the Standard, Specialty, Matrix, Double Diffraction, Flip Ups and tons of other permutations and combinations of the aforementioned lenses.